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Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Rehab services are designed to give you the guidance and support you need, no matter the stage in yours or your loved one’s substance abuse recovery process. Whether you or a loved one need intervention, detox, dual-diagnosis, inpatient treatment, or long-term support, our addiction treatment services have got you covered.

Here at Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center, we offer an array of different addiction services to aid in recovery. With a variety of services available for any type of addiction situation, we are confident we can help you or a loved one beat addiction and learn to live a clean and sober life.

Detox Program in California

Many drug users fear detox, but it’s essential for individuals who want to get clean and free themselves from the grips of addiction. During detox, the body expels all of the remaining toxins that are lingering in the system. This process can be challenging both physically and mentally, but...

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Drug & Alcohol Intervention Programs

If a friend or loved one is struggling with drug addiction but seems incapable of getting clean by his or herself, one of the most practical steps friends or family can take is to stage an intervention. The goal of substance abuse intervention programs should be clear: to convince...

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Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment

In the United States, approximately 23.5 million people struggle with substance abuse issues and addiction. That’s about one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. At the same time, almost 43.8 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Falling in between these two categories—people who...

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Long-Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Numbers vary, but according to American Addiction Centers an estimated 144 people die each day from drug overdoses in the United States; in a given year, that’s around a total of 44,000 overdoses. These statistics are alarming, and Time magazine offered figures that are even higher. When an addict’s...

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Relapse Prevention Program

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Study on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 28.6 million United States citizens over the age of 12 struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. Among this large and growing population, only about 10 percent will enter a long-term recovery treatment...

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Residential Rehab & Treatment Programs

In a given year, over 20 million American adults struggle with a substance use disorder, but only a small percentage of those people will ever seek treatment. Of those that do, the highest success rates—meaning those who have achieved and sustained sobriety—are found among those who have passed through...

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