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Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

At the Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center, we offer a range of treatment services in a uniquely beautiful location for all individuals struggling with addiction. With open arms and without judgment, our highly experienced team guides clients through the stages of recovery which ultimately offers them a new lease on life.



Based in the serene area of Lake Arrowhead, California, the Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center is one of the most idyllic treatment facilities in the nation. Our approach to recovery is grounded by an understanding that no two cases of addiction are the same, and that patients come to us from different backgrounds, social contexts, and with different histories of substance abuse.

More than anything, our goal at our facility is to connect patients with services that are tailored to meet their unique recovery needs. While the process of detox and recovery might be daunting, our gorgeous lakeside location offers the tranquility of the great outdoors, and our veteran staff is always on hand to make the road to recovery as comfortable as possible.


Lake Arrowhead has been dubbed by some as the “Alps” of Southern California. Located in the majestic San Bernardino National Forest, it’s home to some of the most scenic landscapes and wildlife in the state.

While Lake Arrowhead does receive snowfall, it sits at a lower elevation than Big Bear, and the lake—a large reservoir with deep blue waters—rarely freezes over. We see this as an enormous benefit for our treatment center.


Our rehabilitation center offers a range of services which can meet all of our patients’ recovery needs. These services include detoxification, behavioral therapy, medically assisted withdrawal, dual-diagnosis evaluation and treatment, and long-term follow-up with the goal of preventing relapse.


Detoxification is one of the first major steps in any recovery plan at a rehab center. While the process may be daunting, it’s ultimately a cathartic process that lays the foundation for the remainder of treatment.

During medical detox at an alcohol or drug treatment center, all harmful chemicals are flushed from the body. This allows the brain and nervous system to return to a healthy and normal state. While it may be a challenging period, it’s absolutely necessary. With our professional and experienced staff, the healing process is much more bearable than if detox was attempted without supervision.

Behavioral Counseling

During behavioral counseling, patients engage with our professional staff in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. We know how important it is that patients feel understood, and we take the time to build their trust and establish nurturing relationships.  

Together, clients and staff examine the root causes of addiction and try to build thinking patterns that clients can fall back on if they feel the temptation to relapse begin to rise. For many, treatment is a very important but preliminary step in a much longer struggle with addiction. We make sure patients have the mental health tools necessary to cope with whatever challenges they may face after leaving our rehab facility.  

Medical Assisted Withdrawal

While not all cases of withdrawal require medical assistance, in some instance it’s necessary to alleviate discomfort and subdue cravings. Withdrawal can be a dangerous process, and without the help of carefully administered medication, there are serious, negative outcomes that may result.  

Typically, the inclusion of medication only lasts for the first several days of the detox process. While the symptoms of withdrawal might continue for weeks or even months, it’s during the intense, early phase of the process that medication is most necessary.  

Following medically assisted withdrawal, patients can expect to feel clear-headed during the rest of their inpatient treatment program. It’s the ideal foundation for the counseling and therapy that lies ahead.

Dual-Diagnosis Evaluation and Treatment

In many cases, individuals who are suffering from a debilitating drug addiction also experience a simultaneously occurring mental issue, like depression or anxiety. In an unfortunately large number of cases, one condition is treated while the other is ignored or undiagnosed.

At Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center, we understand how important it is to comprehensively treat the full spectrum of issues that a patient might be experiencing. For that reason, we offer a dual-diagnosis evaluation, which attempts to identify the full range of issues unique to each patient.

After receiving a dual-diagnosis, patients at Lake Arrowhead rehabilitation center are treated for both ailments simultaneously. This expedites the recovery process and also ensures that, upon leaving the program, our clients are ready to reintegrate into the world with tools to handle both issues.